Friday, November 15, 2019

Khloe Kardashian blasted by fans for 'whole new face' and editing snaps

Khloe Kardashian has once again been blasted for editing her Instagram posts and altering her face and body with fillers.

The 35-year-old was the subject of inspection by eagle-eyed fans after an account uploaded a number of side-by-side snaps of the reality TV personality.

The social media page named Celebface, that boasts in the bio "If you don't want to see the truth leave this page," used Khloe's snaps to compare the bombshell's appearance to ones taken on the red carpet by paparazzi.

They wrote: " Khloe Kardashian : Instagram/In person Facetune or not? Remember, you can't Facetune your energy.., but you can always Facetune your face."

Fans of the account took to the comments to highlight the differences between the images with many urging the Kardashian to cut back on fillers as she has a "whole new face."

"God she just abused of photoshop," stated a social media user.

Others added: "The first one isn’t khloe no way I refuse to believe that’s a whole new face" and "The last one sis gave herself a whole new face i am d.."

"Getting all that surgery done and then still tune their face digitally the joke is on their side for sure," an observant fan added.
Some puzzled Instagram subscribers quizzed why Khloe had shrunk her peachy bottom - after they jibbed that she had gone under the knife to enlarge it.

One asked: "Wtf? Why did she pay so much for her ass only to facetune it smaller?"
"Did she actually edit her butt smaller yet she had it done to look bigger? Confusing..." queried another.

A third typed: "Wow, she actually ps'd her rear end smaller!"

Another confused persona asked: "did she photoshop her butt smaller? what even."

Khloe has previously denied having any work done.