Saturday, November 30, 2019

Kylie Jenner dumped Travis 'because he didn't commit enough' says her grandma

Kylie Jenner , 22, has kept tight-lipped on the reason for her split from Travis Scott but her grandma Ester, 93, says it is because the rapper did not 'commit enough' to the make-up mogul.

The couple, who share one-year-old daughter Stormi, revealed they ended their relationship in October and claimed they would remain friends for the sake of their little one - but neither have opened-up on what exactly broke them.

Caitlyn Jenner 's mum has now shared how she 'sympathised' with Kylie when her relationship ended, as 'Travis should have proposed.'

“I was sympathizing with Kylie a short time ago about the breakup with the baby’s father [Travis]," she told The Sun.

"Kylie just smoothed over it real quickly, [saying] ‘We’re both going to be good parents to her’ like in defence almost.”

Esther reportedly told the publication that Travis should have proposed and made more of a commitment, explaining: “But that’s what happens really, so often.

“Young people today, they think they can live together, start a family together, without being married, it doesn’t work! I don’t know.”

It comes after Kylie and rapper hunk Drake sparked rumours that they're dating after they started spending more time together recently.

Reports of their suspected blossoming romance had also reportedly upset Travis.

Hollywood Life claimed Travis would "feel betrayed" if Kylie and Drake's relationship actually became something more romantic.

It was then claimed that Drake dumped her because he is more of a "free spirit" and didn't want to be tied down.