Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Lady marries the Lawyer Of her boyfriend who shot her sugar daddy dead

A lady in Ghana has tied the knot with the lawyer of her boyfriend who shot her sugar daddy dead.
According to the fresh gist, the lady was said to be dating her boyfriend and sugar daddy at the same time. The boyfriend got to know about it and allegedly shot the sugar daddy dead (HA!).

The boyfriend was then jailed.

Now the lady in question has just tied the knot with her boyfriend's lawyer.

The lawyer was hired to defend her boyfriend, but one thing led to another, they fell in love and they are now married.

The boyfriend is still serving his prison term.


  1. The stupid boyfriend can now see his life outside. How can you kill someone's father because of a woman

  2. It happens wait until you come across it.You know fokkol

  3. Wonder why people won't think before they act

  4. Women ruined the Wise Solomon according to the Bible, this caused him to compare the ways of women to the movement of snake on the rock which'll leave no trace and the waves caused by the movement of a ship in the ocean that disappears without being noticed. The way of a woman can't be fathomed.