Friday, November 1, 2019

Murder charges: again, court clears Deji Adeyanju

The Kano State High Court on Friday discharged and acquitted Deji Adeyanju of murder charges.

The political activist was arrested on December 13, 2018, over allegations he was involved in a murder in Kano in 2005.

Adeyanju was charged with murder in 2005 at the Kano State High Court, but was discharged and acquitted in 2009 after a lengthy trial.

The police, nonetheless, filed murder charges against Mr Adeyanju using the same material that had been dismissed by the court in 2009.

Mr Adeyanju spent 78 days on remand at Kano Central Prison between the day of his arrest until March 1, 2019 when he was released on bail.

Although he was first granted bail in February, his release was stalled for several weeks despite meeting conditions, amidst allegations that the court registrar absconded.