Saturday, November 9, 2019

Newborn baby dumped by parents eaten alive by dogs

Police say a newborn boy whose remains were found in wasteland in Taiwan was likely eaten by a pack of stray dogs.

The authorities say the baby's teen mum and her 25-year-old boyfriend dumped him in the wasteland in Kaohsiung, in the country's south.

Officers found the infant's bines strewn among tall weeds and concluded he had been savaged by stray dogs

The Sun cites local media reports which say the baby's 19-year-old mum shoved the newborn into a plastic bag, before dumping him among the weeds.

The mother, who reportedly has a mental health problem, has been taken in to the care of Taiwan's Social Affairs Bureau.

According to Taiwanese TV station EBC, the baby’s dad, 28, took the mum to the overgrown site backing onto residential tower blocks after she gave birth to their baby on October 8.

The couple, who were said to have met online and were struggling financially, deserted the baby there then fled to their rented flat to "hide" from their family living in central Taiwan.

They then remained in an internet cafe for about a month until police, alerted by the teenage girl's social workers, tracked them down.

Authorities were reportedly able to identify the baby's remains as the couple's abandoned newborn.