Friday, November 1, 2019

Nigerian 'pastor' arrested in Thailand for romance scam

A Nigerian, Pastor Aramide Ojo, has been arrested by Thai police for defrauding 3 Thai women of 1.5million Baht($49,500).

Aramide Ojo scammed the women by posing as an Italian on the dating site

He claimed to be an Italian businessman with a chain of luxury fashion stores. He contacted the women and started a romantic relationship with them. His method of defrauding victims is to tell them he intends opening high ends stores in Thailand for them. Then he claims he has shipped the goods.

Thereafter, the goods are held by Thai customs. He poses as a fake customs officer and gives the
women terms for the release of the luxury goods. The terms states that, because the goods are luxury goods for resale, a shop must be rented in a highbrow business district before the goods will be released.

He then surfaces as the recommended property agent to assist the women rent their shops. He charged the women 500,000 Baht ($16,500) for the commercial lease. He succeeded in collecting 1,500,000 Baht ($49,500) from the 3 women.

After payment they never heard from him again. Thai police received multiple fraud reports about his activities and decided to trap him. They asked the last victim to reach him again saying she prefers a bigger shop in a more high-end location. He responded saying he has another shop for 700,000 Baht which matched her preference but she needs to pay the difference of 200,000 Baht. The woman accepted and they agreed to meet at a mall. Aramide showed up into the waiting arms of the Thai police and he was arrested.

He was taken to his apartment to conduct a search. Items found in his apartment include pictures of the 3 victims, forged shipping and customs documents.

On his laptop they found the logged in session of Aramide Ojo’s account as an Italian on the dating site where he met the 3 victims, and an invitation flyer for a church crusade he is to hold in his home country, Nigeria. The flyer showed the crusade will be held in December 2019 which he titled “My Season Of Miracle Money”.


  1. No be only pastor. Scammer of life

  2. I wish him all the best with Thailand law

  3. using God name to cover up.. pastor scamerrrrrr.

  4. Recently some of you fake Men of God(5 in numbers) conducted deliverance and healing for the same woman in different locations in Nigeria. Now you! All of you will be exposed one by one. You people's time are UP!

  5. Even listen to the theme of the revival he is coming to hold in Nigeria "MY SEASON OF MIRACLE MONEY" sounds creepy and absolutely carnal.. you are busted! YOUR SEASON OF MIRACLE JAIL"