Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Oh dear! Lady calls out Flavour, says you are the father of my daughter.. lets have a DNA test NOW

A lady who goes by the name Juliet from Abia state has called out singer flavour saying she met him in 2015, they 'met' and today they have a 3-year old daughter. She says, she has been trying to reach the singer since then, but he has been ignoring her leaving her with no choice than to go public.

Juliet says she has reported the matter to the right authorities and not shy to show her face, as she wants Nigerians and authorities to demand flavour to come out for a DNA test. So sure is she that she says if the DNA comes out negative, she is ready to bear the consequences.

O ma ga o. See her call out below... Uncle flavour, please lets do the needful for the sake of the little girl o. Children are blessings init?


  1. No DNA needed. She looks like his other daughters. Anna banner should encourage him to embrace her

  2. every lady wants to get pregnant to a celebrity 🤔, hmmmmm...... speechless. cupidity.

  3. Na wa o, why sleeping with a man without protection

    1. Exactly and she couldn't take care of herself immediate after unprotected sex. Is it because he is a celebrity? Well she just messed up her life

  4. Hope this is not for attention

  5. Let me jejely mind my business

  6. For teh sake of this girl a DNA needs to be carried out