Saturday, November 2, 2019

Plane passengers share snaps of the worst in-flight meals they've been served

Peeling back the foil on an in-flight meal can be a sobering experience as you face the realisation it's the food in front of you or a tin of Pringles so overpriced you'll need you to remortgage your home.

From economy to business class, flyers face the perennial disappointment of stomaching meals from chicken 'slop' to cake more reminiscent of a 'building brick'.

In an annual airline survey, Which? Travel readers have been sharing snaps of some of the worst meals they've been dished up at 35,000ft.

Early morning flights can be bad enough but Ryanair passenger Billy Shearer quickly regretted his decision to opt for the Irish breakfast, described as 'the perfect option to fill up and start your day with'.

In reality he was left facing 'a monstrosity' of a soggy potato waffle, shrivelled button mushrooms and congealed white pudding. Top of the morning to you.

It doesn't get much better for Ryanair, with the airline being rated worst performing in the Which? survey overall and was the only carrier to receive an abysmal one-star food rating.

Splashing out extra cash to escape economy doesn't always guarantee customer satisfaction when it comes to meal time either.

David Ball flew business class with British Airways from London Gatwick to Mauritius and any thoughts of luxury went out of the window when he was presented with a chicken biriyani.

He said: "What you see in the picture is a chunk of dry chicken, a piece of dead, burnt cauliflower, a spoonful of gunk and overcooked rice. Awful."
After a relaxing holiday to get over the ordeal, David faced a similar experience during his return journey in World Traveller Plus (premium economy) when he was given this 'so-called omelette'.

He added: "It tasted exactly as it appears in the photo – disgusting."
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