Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Police officer 'shot herself after being made to work with man who r.a.p.e.d her'

A high-flying female detective reportedly used her police handgun to kill herself after being forced to 'work with a male colleague she'd accused of raping her'.

Maria Klochkova, 23, had started her dream job as a criminal investigator in August after graduating with the highest grades and being fast tracked into the police.

But her life was ruined by a reported culture of bullying which culminated in her being subjected to a violent sexual attack by a more senior detective, she said.

Now the family of tragic Maria have gone public to demand a full investigation into her appalling death in a police station in Sochi, Russia.

The sister claimed there was a cover-up over her death with other reasons given by the police for her taking her own life.

“My sister is not mentally ill, she did not have schizophrenia, but was pushed to suicide,” posted Anna.
Investigators says she locked herself in her police office and used her handgun to shoot one bullet in her own head.

“She was raped by a detective. From that moment she thought she was a disgrace for our family, not the victim of an idiot," said Anna.

“She did not report him to police because she was afraid to ruin her career and she did not want others to know about it….”

A senior officer was aware of the rape but failed to act and forced Maria to work with the man she alleged had sexually attacked her, said Anna.

Friends said she had been subjected to appalling bullying and humiliation before she was raped.

The force refused to comment pending an internal police investigation and preliminary probe by the Investigative committee, equivalent of the FBI.


  1. But suicide is never the solution

  2. Replies
    1. Enter your reply...may her soul rest in peace.Amen

  3. Suscide is not the answer, she would have killed the man instead and go to jail. RIP

  4. Rip to the dead

  5. Oh my days! this is not the best way to go about it

  6. Enter your comment...the man should be apprehended and be made to face the full weight of the law, but suicide should not have been the end result.

  7. Enter your comment...she acted cowardly.

  8. Enter your comment...Sucide is never the answer.. she should have lived and believed there's still hope as long as she breathes

  9. ...Sucide is never the solution.. she should have lived and believed there's still hope as long as she breathes.

  10. May that rapist suffer for his demonic acts

  11. Funny how you all say it's not how she should've handled it and to you who said she acted cowardly. You don't know how she felt, this is the reason why she killed herself cause the one person she did tell never acted and yet still forced her to work with the bastard THAT was wrong because he knew he can also go to jail. She was afraid the idiot would attack her again and the fact that no one believed her so she chose not to speak. I was molested, abused and assaulted. Don't judge because you think you know what is right and how it should be handled. I wanted to kill my molesters and abusers, I could've. After the one family member molested me in my own house,and attacked my baby girl, I ran for my kitchen and grabbed a knife, he pissed his pants when I grabbed him by the throat and pushed against the wall with the knife tight against his neck, I told him if he ever came near me or my family I would gladly kill him and go to jail. I tried killing myself by O.D and self abuse countless times.You don't know her situation, so why you comment such asshole comments is beneath me. Suicide might be your only answer because the pain is much greater as it may seem

  12. They used dirty tricks to destroy rape and abuse of powers evidence.There is nothing like suicide.

  13. They used dirty tricks to destroy rape and abuse of powers evidence.There is nothing like suicide.