Sunday, November 10, 2019

It's Omotola any day, anytime, Ali Nuhu speaks on his preferred actress

Popular Kannywood actor and producer, Ali Nuhu, speaks to Mobola Sadiq about the challenges facing the movie industry, how he handles fame, and other issues

Some people don’t consider Kannywood as part of the country’s movie industry; it is Nollywood that is popular. What do you think about that?

I think it’s because Kannywood movies are produced up North and there’s a sort of dichotomy; many practitioners in Kannywood do not practise in the South.  I think that’s the reason why it is so. But we all belong to the same industry.

Despite being married, do you still get advances from women?

That happens to me. Some even happen in the presence of my wife. I was in Saudi Arabia with my wife and we were walking on the street, then a lady gave my wife her phone and said: “Please, I need a picture with your husband.”  The lady’s best friend asked my wife: “How can you take the phone from another woman to take a picture of her and your husband?” My wife said, “This is what he does for a living; he is professional and I just have to understand. Taking a picture with him doesn’t make any difference because she’s not taking him away. After taking pictures with him, she might not even see him again.” So it happens.

So what’s the naughtiest thing a female fan has done to you unexpectedly?

I walked out of a mall or shopping complex in Abuja and a lady hugged and kissed me; I was so embarrassed.

It happened again at an airport in Dubai; a South African lady saw me and clung to me.

Who do you admire in the movie industry?

I think it’s Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. She’s been my number one. I’ve always liked working with her. I think we’ve done two projects together and I’m looking forward to doing another one with her soon. It’s Omotola any day, anytime.

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