Saturday, November 9, 2019

Toni Tones reveals how a man on their first date told her to quit her career

So hilarious! Toni Tones has explained how a man she went on a date with for the very first time told her she will have to quit her career to be with him. According to her, in return he would set up a business for her.

Toni talked about how she built her career over the years in pains and tears and just in under 24 hours someone wants all that to go  LOL. She however made a decision i think every one would be proud off. Though it was their first date, she made sure it was their LAST. Lol. The tweets below...


  1. Good she turned him down

  2. I dont know if i should laugh at the guy or cry for him. Such effrontery

  3. Hmm, what career is this one talking about?