Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tonto Dikeh allegedly arrested in Dubai and might be deported

Tonto Dikeh has been arrested in Dubai. This reportedly happened last night at the entrance of an event she was to attend.

According to sources, when Tonto arrived the venue, the security refused to let her in. This they said made her upset as others strolled in, and she lost her temper. She shouted at him and used unprintable names i.e calling the security guard a nigga and asking if he knows who she is.

They also said, her friends who were with her, Timi and Bob had to move aside when they could not control her.

Sources say police were called in and she was whisked away.

It's also on good note that she could be deported if the matter is not properly handled.


  1. Hmmm Tonto drama Queen, more story to unfold.

  2. They never behave themselves forgetting they are just humans in Dubai and not celebs


  3. She must think she is in Nigeria. Nobody cares who you are. Let us face it, who are you Tonto Dikeh?

  4. Churchill was right to have left her. She is so vain and dramatic