Friday, November 22, 2019

Woman hangs herself in boyfriend's flat after row over the phone

A young woman hanged herself in her boyfriend's Milan home after rowing with him on the phone.

Katherine Ahn moved to Italy to work as a personal assistant to a Chief Executive Officer, where she met her boyfriend, Yaniv Turgerman.

But in the days before her death, she resigned.

A coroner heard the 33-year-old's consultant boyfriend Yaniv Turgerman had gone on an overnight stay beside Lake Como, but when he returned to his Milan home, he discovered her dead in the kitchen.

An inquest held in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, where her body was repatriated for a funeral, heard evidence from Chief Executive Matteo Lei, who runs the medical technology firm.

Mr Turgerman had left the company a week before her death, and the coroner heard, shortly afterwards, she had emailed her resignation.

The bereaved boyfriend said: "I thought she was waiting for me in the dark, I thought it was quite sad.

"She was lying lifeless. I had a panic attack, I only remember trying to contact my former employer and friend.

"I left the apartment screaming asking for help."

Neighbour Salomence Concetta heard a man shouting "no, no, no, why did she do it" and rushed to his aid.

Mr Lai described Katherine as having an "exceptional work ethic with mood swings".

He said: "Her performance depended on her feelings. I received an email saying she was going to resign. She said she felt she wanted to go back to London to look after her parents."

Just before 9.30pm on September 14, 2018, Mr Lai received five phone calls from former employee and friend Yaniv Turgerman.

He said: "Katherine and Yaniv had a relationship but they always showed the highest professionalism.

The inquest heard that on Matteo's arrival, Yaniv told him he had been at Lake Como and came back to find his girlfriend dead. In his evidence, Yaniv said: "I worked as a consultant until September 7, 2018.

"I never lived with Katherine, she had the keys to my apartment. I went to Lake Como on September 13 and returned on September 14 at around 9.30pm. Before leaving for Como we had an argument over the phone.

"I did not pay attention, I was talking to my friends and she possibly took offence. She put the phone down. I was sorry about talking like this but she said she had a personal crisis."

Pathologist Dr Vera Morelli said her body had been there for some time before she was found.

The medical cause of death was confirmed as mechanical asphyxia due to hanging.

Senior coroner Crispin Butler concluded that Katherine died as a result of suicide.

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