Monday, December 30, 2019

Father and his three children die in blaze after Christmas tree catches fire

A father, his son and two daughters have died in a house fire sparked by a Christmas tree.

Father-of-five Juan Moreno, 41, got out of the home when the fire broke out in Hemet, California, at 1.15am Friday but raced back in when he realized some of his children were still in there.

He tried in vain to rescue four-year-old Janessa and 12-year-old Maria but all three died in the blaze.

His eight-year-old son Isaac was airlifted to hospital but later died of his injuries.

Moreno's wife Christina and two other children, including a newborn Cecily and 11-year-old Jaelyn, made it out alive.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Lt. Nate Miller said: 'It's my understanding that the 41-year-old male went back inside to rescue other family members. He wasn't seen alive after that.

'It's a terrible situation. As a father myself, I think a lot of us would think about going back in.'

The blaze in the Olive Apartments caused 40 residents to be evacuated from their homes.