Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Lobatan! Governor Ihedioha strips off Jacob Zuma' s street title name, gives it to Amaechi

A street named after former South African leader Jacob Zuma, has been renamed in Imo State.

Jacob Zuma Road in the capital of Owerri will now be known as Chief Mbazuluike Amaechi, a First Republic parliamentarian and minister.

Governor Emeka Ihedioha announced the rechristening at an occasion to mark Amaechi’s 90th birthday.

The naming of the dual carriage way after the former South African president by former Gov. Rochas Okorocha attracted public condemnation against the administration.

Ihedioha described Amaechi as an icon, whose contributions to nation building should not be ignored.

“Dr Amaechi is an icon, one of the founding fathers of the nation, whose contributions to nationhood should not be overlooked.

“Amaechi remains an inspiration, who stood and defended those principles that remain valuable to nation building,” the statement further read. LOBATAN! No argument!!


  1. When Rochas no get sense when he was busy building statutes and naming streets after thieves

  2. I can't stop laughing. I thought it was rotimi amaechi. The Governor has done well

  3. Lol serves Okorocha right

  4. There is nothing to celebrate about the former president.he actually contradicted pan africanism that the nkrumahs,nyereres,....all those our founding fathers fought hard for.he,instead,introduced his own neo-colonialism by allowing the indians (the Guptas) to plunder south africa to the detriment of the poor.and,he saw nothing wrong with that,insisting he was introducing "radical economic transformation "-typically theft.

  5. You are burrying the man's legacy while breathing