Saturday, December 28, 2019

Peruvian Man admits to killing his girlfriend and three of her four children, including his 3-week-old son and 2-year old daughter

A man has confessed to the brutal murder of his girlfriend and her three children, two of whom were his, at the weekend in Peru.

Juan César Augusto Huaripata, 28, and Jéssica Tejeda, 34, got into an argument when he arrived to the home at 3am last Sunday.

Tensions escalated inside the home in El Agustino, a town in the South American country's capital of Lima, before Huaripata stabbed Tejeda 80 times with a large kitchen knife.

He then plunged the sharp weapon into his girlfriend's 15-year-old son, Cristian Rivadeneyra, when he tried to save his mother.

The killer set the apartment on fire and then abandoned it, causing the death of the couple's premature three-week-old son, Angel Cesar Huaripata, and two-year-old daughter, Mía Rivadeneyra Tejeda.

Mía died at a local hospital Monday due to smoke inhalation.

Jéssica's nine-year-old son, Fabel Rivadeneyra, was stabbed in the head and arms. Peruvian news outlets reported that he faked his death and ran out of the home to seek help from a neighbor.

Victoria Espinoza, who was a close friend of Jéssica, told that Juan César Augusto had contacted attorney in order to secure full custody of Mía even though he had abandoned his daughter and girlfriend after she was born.

Jéssica, Angel César, and Cristian were laid to rest the morning of Christmas Eve.

Mía's burial was scheduled for Wednesday, Christmas Day.

Prosecutors on Wednesday afternoon announced that Juan César Augusto would be held without bail for 18 months. He is being charged with aggravated murder, assassination, and femicide.

Juan César Augusto was arrested by the police after he tried to escape the scene, and offered
authorities a detailed explanation of why he killed the mother of his two children.

'She told me that I was no longer going to see my son. She went into the room. Since she did not come out, I entered and I see that she had my son in the air. She said, "you know, I want to leave with my son, kill me or take I am taking your daughter away, kill me,"' Juan César Augusto said, according to the police report.

'And she threw my baby to the bed, my son didn't cry. I told her to please leave my son. I felt helpless, I didn't think about anything but my son.'

He then explained how he attacked Jéssica although he was not aware of what he was doing.

'I started to drive the knife into her, I was not aware of what I was doing, I was clouded. She told me to forgive her, that she didn't want me to hurt my son, I don't know what happened to me, she gave me my five minutes of madness,' Juan César Augusto said.

'Her son Cris got up, he told me what I had done, he wanted to take my knife, I also attacked him. Her other son Dustin [Fabel] showed up, I also attacked him. Then I see there was a fire. I left the room. The police found me on my way [out] with the knife in my hand. I felt respect for her because she was the mother of my children, but I never loved her, I feel sorry for what happened, I know that I hurt a family.'

Screams and cries for help were heard from the apartment. In a video filmed by a neighbor and picked up by news outlets, Jéssica is heard shouting, 'enough already,' before she was fatally stabbed.