Monday, December 2, 2019

Princess Shyngle reunites with cheating boyfriend weeks after break up

Actress and model, Princess Shyngle after her recent social media rants about how men can be very unfaithful no matter what the lady they have in their lives do for them, seem to have found her way back to the warm arms of the cheating boyfriend she broke up with some weeks ago.

The Snatched By Princess Shyngle waist trainers owner has shared some pictures and videos with Frederick, the ex she accused of being a cheat.

She took to her InstaStory to share a picture where she was seen kissing and canoodling with Frederick indicating they are back together. She claimed that even though Frederick is the cheat she accused him of being, she has accepted him back into her life because of his (Frederick) young daughter.

She wrote as a caption of a video with the young daughter of Frederick “Hahahaa Daddy is forgiven because of you”.