Friday, December 13, 2019

Stormzy apologises to ex Maya Jama in new song

Stormzy has dedicated his emotional new track Lessons to issue a public apology to his ex-girlfriend Maya Jama as he confesses his "biggest regret."

The rapper, 26, admitted the "phenomenal woman" gave him everything but he admitted to disrespecting her and has now publicly apologised for causing their break-up.

His new album Heavy Is The Head was released today and features the icon's first-ever emotional break-up track where he hints at 'doing the dirt' and 'making' coward moves.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 1Xtra Breakfast Show on Friday morning about his highly-publicised break-up with Maya, 25, Stormzy got candid about experiencing the "heaviest my heart has ever felt."

He said: "It is surreal for both of us. In this day and age in celebrity culture, you see all these stories and that's peoples truth and thats their reality.

"To the internet, it is just a topic but that is someone's actual reality."

Stormzy explained how he wanted to address the break-up as his album is a "super reflection of who I am as a person" and believed it wouldn't be seen as 'real' if he didn't discuss "every trial and tribulation."

Admitting that it was 'scary' to see the response to the emotional track, the rapper said he understood that "it is not my truth alone" and knew he was bringing their romance woes back to the headlines.

He said: "It is me throwing Maya out there as well, that's something we shared on a public forum.

"It was a hot topic and I'm going on the record now and I'm apologising and I'm trying to lay it all bare. I'm trying to be very truthful and very clear in my truth. I'm not trying to shy away from it."

Accepting his mistakes in the past, Stormzy insisted his actions towards ex Maya were a "public disrespect" and because of that, "needed a public apology."

The Grime artist also tried to see the emotional break-up through the eyes of his radio DJ ex as he opened up about the "annoying thing about going out with a musician."

Stormzy appeared passionate as he called Maya a "phenomenal women" and insisted she gave him everything and "loved him wholeheartedly" but admitted he was the one who was "disrespectful" and "inconsiderate."

A lyric from Lessons hints that the hitmaker regrets his actions as it emotionally says: "You gave me the world and I gave you disrespect, hand on my heart that is my biggest regret."

Wanting to get the message across "loud and clear", the star reminisced about Maya and said they "shared something so deep."

He ended the chat by attempting to weigh up whether their romance was affected by being displayed on a public forum.