Saturday, January 25, 2020

62 year-old doctor dies from coronavirus nine days after contracting deadly disease

A doctor has died from coronavirus nine days after getting infected with the deadly virus in China.

Liang Wudong, 62, from Hubei Province, was suspected of contracting the disease on January 16 at Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine and was transferred to the Jinyintan Hospital two days later.

The former ENT medic, who retired from the profession last June, died this morning.

He complained of tightening of the chest and feeling flustered when he was admitted to the hospital.

A detailed checkup of him revealed a chest infection, according to Wuhan Evening Post.

Dr Liang was immediately put in quarantine and later transferred to Jinyintan Hospital.

It is understood he has a history of heart disease and coronary heart disease.

A screenshot of messages from a closed group with doctors reveals that Dr Liang's mother had called the hospital and said that her son could not be saved.

A medical staff from the ENT department told local media that Dr Liang was allegedly infected with the virus.

China's state media originally reported that Dr Liang had been working at the front line of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan city but this has since been clarified.

The virus has killed 41 people in China and infected over 1,300 others, including a case in Chicago and another near Seattle.


  1. Why only Good people left this world just like that.Thixo,Nkosi,Mudzimu,Modimo,Molimo God hear our prayers.