Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kenyan Catholic catechist commits suicide... leaves behind a note

A Catholic catechist from Rongo, Migori County, Kenya on Monday mid-morning, January 20, committed suicide over claims that his elder brother was frustrating and mistreating him in their parents’ homestead.

Paul Ochuodho Mbogo’s body was found hanging from a rope tied to the roof of his house.

Ochuodho’s mother, Cecilia Adoyo Mbogo, said she was shocked to be told by the deceased’s other siblings that Ochuodho had been found dead in his house at Mitwe area in Rakwaro, Rongo Sub-County.

Ochuodho wrote, in his suicide note, which has since been taken by police, that his elder brother constantly insulted him for “being a man of strong faith”.

“He [brother] often threatened to harm me, warning I should leave our parents’ compound as soon as possible,” said Ochuodho in the note.

The father of three young sons said, in the letter, that he had had enough of his elder brother’s threats, and had decided “to make life easy for him [brother]”.

The family’s representative, Paul Denga, however refuted the allegations in the suicide note, saying Ochuodho killed himself because of loneliness and depression after his wife fled her matrimonial home a few years ago.

East Kamagambo assistant chief, Mary Ocholla, also said Ochuodho had often complained of financial problems.

Ochuodho’s body was taken to Rongo Sub-County Hopsital morgue.