Thursday, January 2, 2020

Celebrities ring in the New Year with s.e.x party at world's most elite s.e.x club

The world’s most elite s.e.x club is celebrating the new year with one of its sauciest soirees yet.

To mark the start of 2020, Snctm will be welcoming scores of A-listers and business moguls through its doors.

Party hosts are giving their secret Mansion in the Hills a heaven and hell makeover.

This allows guests of the Los Angeles club to be taken to the “promised land” when they fulfil their desires.

It also gives them the opportunity to sin as they explore their naughtiest s.e.xual fantasies – from orgies to partner swapping.

Daily Star Online caught up with an insider from Snctm to find out more about the night of debauchery.

The Snctm spokesperson admits that there’s a surge in s.e.x parties attendees during the festive period.

As everyone is in a celebratory mood, they are encouraged to release their inhibitions.

The insider explained: “The festive season lends itself to the bacchanal.

“From pagan times to now our desire to celebrate the end and new beginnings is timeless. And nothing exceeds like excess.

“Releasing inhibitions isn’t necessarily season specific but our New Year’s Eve tends to be the most anticipated event of the year.

“It's a time when we're more able to set aside professional and personal responsibilities be our authentic selves.”