Thursday, January 23, 2020

EFCC educates Nigerians on how to report hacked Facebook accounts AND NOT to them

Okay! SO some Nigerians actually report hacked facebook accounts to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC?

Well now, EFCC now wants to educate them on the appropriate source they need to report to, and what they need to do fast to, to stop the hacker from penetrating their friends and family.

In a statement titled “Reporting a Hacked Facebook Account”, the EFCC said;

“Before contacting the EFCC to report about your hacked Facebook account, ensure you’ve followed these steps: . Try changing your password.

“If you are unable to do that, inform your family and friends about the compromise on your account.

“Report the hacked account to Facebook (the EFCC cannot take down your Facebook account) by: asking your contacts to report the hacked profile or create a new profile and report the old account.

“By so doing, the scammer will not be able to defraud anyone using your profile.

“PS: Be weary of people chatting you up about investing in businesses unknown to you. Always contact your family or friends in situations that seem suspicious.

"Do not be greedy. Most people are defrauded as a result of greed.The #EFCC cares about you. Social media has its advantages and disadvantages so ensure that you #StaySafe”.