Thursday, January 2, 2020

Graphic photo! Mum is left with hole in her belly after botched tummy tuck

A mum almost died after travelling to Tunisia for a cut-price cosmetic procedure in a bid to get rid of her mummy tummy.

Abigail Fernandez developed an infection after the £2,500 operation, leaving her with a tennis-ball-sized hole in her stomach.

The 32-year-old mum-of-three from Newquay, Cornwall, hated the saggy stomach she was left with after giving birth to her children, Penelope, 1, Declan, 7, and Max, 10.

She said: “All three were delivered by Caesarean section so I was left with scars, stretch marks and sagging skin.

“I love my children dearly and would never change them for the world, but I longed to be as confident with my body as I was before I was a mum.

“No matter how many hours I went to the gym, nothing helped. It made me incredibly self-conscious of my figure.”

Abigail went to see a GP in 2018, who advised her to go private if she wanted to go for surgery.

A tummy tuck and breast lift would cost £10,000 in the UK, at which point she decided to look abroad.

She says: “I saw an advert for cheap surgery in Tunisia the reviews were really positive and it only cost £2,500 for the tummy tuck. So she went and this happened.