Monday, January 13, 2020

How my teacher lured me into s.e.x every Sunday, 16-year-old girl narrates, as hunt for suspect is launched

A middle-aged woman from Embu North Sub-County, Kenya is calling for the arrest of a teacher at Muvandori Day Secondary School who is accused of defiling and impregnating her 16-year-old daughter.

The woman, who is a widow and mother-of-three, said late last year, Muvandori School Deputy Principal called and asked her to go pick her daughter from school and take her to hospital after the student collapsed and became unconscious.

The mother, who was widowed in 2016, said she went and took her daughter to hospital, where she was treated and discharged.

“My girl’s ailment persisted, and, I was, therefore, forced to take her to a different hospital, where tests revealed that she was pregnant,” the distressed mother told K24 Digital.

“When I asked my daughter to disclose who impregnated her, she said her computer teacher,” said the mother.

The mother-and-daughter, thereafter, filed reports at Kibugu Police Station in regard to the alleged defilement that resulted in the pregnancy which is seven months old as at January 2020.

“It is really breaking my heart to see my daughter unable to attend school due to the pregnancy, whereas her schoolmates are going on with their studies,” said the mother.

“What is even worse, is that the man responsible for the pregnancy is yet to be arrested.”

Police say that the computer teacher has not reported back to work, and that his phone signals were last traced to Meru, hence the delay in his arrest.

“We are yet to record a statement from him, given he is in hiding,” a police officer privy to the investigations told K24 Digital.

In her statement to police, the girl said she got into a relationship with the said-teacher in early 2019 after she went for a computer learning trip in Nairobi in the company of the tutor.

“The teacher told me he would clear my school fee balance, and regularly look into my welfare,” said the teenager.

“When we returned to Embu, he invited me to his rented house in Manyatta Town, where he lured me into sex for the first time.

“After that day, the teacher would take sexual advantage of me every Sunday without using condoms.

I conceived in June 2019, but came to know about the pregnancy much later. When I told the teacher that I was expectant, he became dismissive and threatened to kill me if I told anyone,” said the minor.

“My only prayer is that the man who impregnated me be arrested and charged in court,” added the 16-year-old.


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    1. This wickedness the incident must be arrested

  2. Too bad

    No hiding place for him

  3. Enter your comment..OMG this is terrible

  4. why can't you report the incident before it turns out to be pregnant?, it's what enjoy that put you to this mess.

  5. why can't you report the incident before it turns out to be pregnant?, it's what enjoy that put you to this mess.

  6. May God heal your pains....too bad

  7. Enter your was very bad

  8. Enter your comment...the mother is not observant, 7 months pregnancy and the mother could not detect oh my God I pity the little girl and I pray that the computer teacher should be dealt with

  9. Enter your should've reported to your mom. she's supposedly your best friend. just be courageous, you will return to school and be more careful this time

  10. Enter your comment...cowards have no place even in heaven

  11. God will heal your pain. Hence, trust the Holy Spirit to arrest your heart so as not to consent to the will of the devil but to live for God alone and fulfil the purpose of your existence. Jesus loves you!

  12. small girls of nowadays too spoil abeg,
    make Dem leave that teacher oo,
    na agreement between the girl and the man,
    period !!!

  13. Enter your comment...the girl should have immediately informed her mother after the first incident took place.
    I believe so much that if her mother had not discovered that she was pregnant,she would have been sleeping with the teacher

  14. That man deserves to be punished for this evil