Sunday, January 12, 2020

Journalist Paul Dada releases two gospel singles

The Editor of, Paul Dada, has released two gospel singles, ‘Golgotha nla’ and ‘Grateful.’

Dada, who released his debut album, ‘Thunder in the Sky’ June, 2019 and a single, ‘Sorry for you,’ later same year, said the two newly released singles are part of an album to be launched later towards the middle of 2020.

Commenting about the two songs, Dada said, ” I made up my mind to write and record songs that really reflect the main reason why Christ came to the world, which was to do the redemptive work for men and women.

“I realised that in Nigeria, there is a paucity of true gospel songs. Yes, we have songs which people call gospel songs. Aside from those ones which are used to praise God, only few really address the core issues of salvation, consecration, righteous living, persecution, temptations, evangelism among others. Therefore, I made up my mind to do songs that will tell sinners to repent and challenge believers to become more consecrated to God.

“Golgotha nla is a danceable song yet it draws our attention to the suffering of Christ on the cross and the benefits of His crucifixion. We can say it is a celebration of what Christ accomplished for on the cross.

“Grateful is a song of appreciation to God for the work of salvation He wrought for us.”

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