Thursday, January 23, 2020

Man reveals how a Lagos boss sends his female employers home if their pant lines dare shows

Nah! How does he tell them, lol. A twitter user, Arinze Odira has revealed how a ceo of a multi-billionaire company in Lagos sends his female staff home if their pant lines dare to show.

He says he pays attention to everything around his office, Arinze said. His tweet;

“I know a young CEO of a multibillion naira company with an office in Ikoyi. He is in his early 30s This brother used to send his female workers home if their pant lining is visible.
He is such a perfectionist. He pays attention to every tiny detail. I felt he was a bit cynical.”

This has however generated a debate on twitter with some applauding him and others saying he is over doing it.