Saturday, January 4, 2020

Meet the 49-year old actor who started a relationship with a fellow actor aged 17

A man has quit his job after discovering his boss disapproves of his age-gap relationship.

Actor and model, Michael Hoch, met his girlfriend, Sarah Schopp, at a theatre in 2016.

Sarah was 17 at the time where she was a volunteer student and 29 years younger than Michael.

The young lady from Wuppertal, Germany, was serving drinks at the theatre – Michael, now 49, was there preparing for a play.

That day he says he was drawn to her shy personality and smile after reportedly bumping into each other all day.

Afterwards, Michael decided to find Sarah on Facebook and sent her a message.

However, Sarah, who is now 20, says she was reluctant to take him up on the offer of a date due to their large age-gap and said she would prefer to remain as friends.

But a month into chatting online, the couple found they were just too drawn to each other and decided to enter a relationship while working in the same building.

Many people disapproved of the relationship, and Michael says that he was once attacked in the street for holding her hand.

Sarah’s family admitted that at first they were shocked about the relationship, but after meeting Michael, who was 46 at the time, and getting to know him they soon warmed up to him.

Michael and Sarah’s father are now good friends, even though they are the same age.

He said: “She was only 17 when we got together. But we couldn’t deny our love for each other and at some point I finally convinced her.

“The most difficult thing, in the beginning, was that Sarah looks much younger than she is and was also very reserved at the beginning.”

Now, Sarah remains working at the theatre but Michael decided to quit his employment there because of his boss’s disapproval over their relationship.


  1. Father and daughter. I foresee him cheating on her