Thursday, January 16, 2020

Meet the new Imo First Lady already dubbed the 'youngest First Lady in Nigeria'

This is Governor Hope Uzodinma's wife, Chioma Uzodinma. She automatically becomes the new First Lady of Imo state.

This is the gist. Chioma isn't the first wife of the new Governor, but he got married to her traditionally in 2015 after his first wife allegedly made every effort of not making them have a church wedding. So they opted for trads!

The Governor is believed to have divorced his first wife of 17 years, but she allegedly refused to let him go and stopped every way the Governor could marry his new bride in a church way.

The estranged couple have four children together, while Chioma and the Governor have three. Chioma is said to be 30.

Already, her friends have been teasing and calling her the youngest First Lady in Nigeria. Well, it seems so. Big congrats to her!