Saturday, January 25, 2020

Mystery man helps police solve murder case and disappeared afterwards

Policemen at Surulere Police Station in Ilorin, Kwara are yet to recover from the shock they got, after a mysterious man walked into their station to report the murder of a truck driver, whom he identified as Emmanuel Adegoke.

The mysterious man whose identity could not be identified, according to New Telegraph, gave the police vivid explanation of what led to Adegoke's death, the killer, and other information that helped the police establish the truth.

During his time at the station, the stranger was also said to have given phone numbers of the family members of the victim to the police, after which he was nowhere to be found.

It was gathered that while the policemen on duty at the station were trying to take the stranger's statement and ask further questions, he stepped out.

Thereafter, the policemen went round the station premises, looking for him, but he appeared to have simply disappeared into thin air.

Initially, the policemen didn't take the matter serious until they resolved to try the phone numbers the stranger dropped for them. It was then they learnt from the phone number owners that they had been looking for their missing husband and father.

After getting called by the police, Adegoke's family members quickly rushed to Kwara.

With the information given to them by the stranger, the police were able to arrest one Alfa Jamiu, who allegedly killed Adegoke.

The police learnt that Jamiu shot his friend to death, abandoned his body in the bush and made away with the victim’s truck. He had concluded plans to move the truck to Niger, with a buyer waiting for him, when police arrested him.

After Jamiu’s arrest and recovery of the truck, the case was transferred to the Lagos Police Command, which has jurisdiction on the case.

Adegoke was murdered in Agbowa, Ikorodu area of Lagos.