Monday, January 13, 2020

New book suggests pilot could have jumped out of plane carrying him and Emiliano Sala

A new book has suggested that pilot David Ibbotson could have jumped out of the plane carrying him and Emiliano Sala before it crashed.

Sala was killed in tragic circumstances in January last year just days after completing a transfer to Cardiff City .

The former Nantes striker was on board a Piper Malibu light aircraft, piloted by Ibbotson, over the English Channel, when it disappeared off Alderney.

After intensive searching, the aircraft was located in the channel a fortnight later at a depth of 63 metres, before Sala's body was recovered from the wreckage.

Ibbotson's body however, has never been found.

Now a new book titled: 'The killing of Emiliano Sala', as serialised by the Sun , is due for release, and claims Ibbotson may have avoided the fatal crash.

In the book, author Harry Harris writes: "How is it that if David Ibbotson had one outstanding skill, it was as a skydiver?

"And why was the pilot not in the plane when the privately funded salvage operation discovered (Sala’s) body?

“Was the pilot able to eject before it plummeted to its fate? If the pilot survived, where is he? If he didn’t, where is his body?"