Thursday, January 16, 2020

Nigerians slam twitter user who wants the word 'MAD O' changed to 'absolutely bonkers'

Lol, so an over sabi English teacher, took to Twitter to educate us on reasons 'mad o' is a gutter language and should be stopped! She went ahead to give words that could be used to replace it, saying ''That's incredible, That's preposterous, Outrageous, That's insane, Absolutely bonkers could fill in the gap.

But that got Nigerians angry and went in on her. Some warned her saying, her cho cho cho cho is too much and she needs to keep quite now.

One twitter user even did a quick work -- googled 'mad o', and oh boy, it's global mehn lol. Their very hilarious reactions after the cut... mad oooo

''We are not English...we have our own way of communication. Quit borrowing other people's way of communication.

''Just the way you're telling me this in English and not Igbo

''I didn't spend my time to submit the valid definition of Mad Oh on urban dictionary for you to come and disrespect it like this

''Mad oh! Making a difference over here!

''As hard as Nigeria is, I'll be stressing myself to speak grammar when I can just say "Mad o".

''Smoky e be Tinx bro
Mad Tinx

''Mad oo isn't gutter language though. Irksome when overused, but it gets a visceral feeling across in few words. Nothing gutter about it.

''This is outrageously, incredibly, insanely, preposterously mad oooooooooo

''Lol so eliticist

''Let UK people say BONKERS all let us keep with our MAD O

''I wish I could tag some people but fortunately/unfortunately I am not following them 🤦‍♀️...I spoke with a lady, throughout the conversation she was just shouting mad oh 😅,I mean every 10 secs interval.

''About to say some.. At least there is room for one or two usage.

''You cant just be normal Either you're Mad
''Tie goat for rope and tie rope for goat, all na the same thing😂

''Lmao I say ‘mad o’ like 20 times a day but I’m an honours English student and I read a lot more than the average person. Doesn’t mean my vocabulary is bad, I just like the slang.

''Mad oh!

''Girl, we global already .. Rest ''