Friday, January 3, 2020

Orlando Bloom keeps skeleton and p.e.n.i.s of his beloved dog as ornaments

Orlando Bloom has kept the skeleton of his dog as an ornament after he passed away.

The Pirate's Of The Caribbean star was so distraught after losing his beloved canine friend, he took measures into his own hands in order to keep him in his life.

Following the death of his former stray dog Sidi, the 42-year-old sent his body to a company that would strip his remains down to bones.

Speaking about the loss of his furry friend, Bloom admitted that he felt compelled to keep Sidi in his life somehow, and saw this as the most aesthetically pleasing option.

"I just couldn't stand the fact that he was just not going to be around anymore."

According to The Daily Star, Bloom was also asked by the company if he wanted to keep his pooch's p.e.n.i.s.

And not wanting to let any part of Sidi go, the 42-year-old decided to keep it and use it as an ornament.

"They asked me if I wanted to keep the p.e.n.i.s. What do you think I said?"

"Yes! Actually aesthetically it didn't look quite right, so I have it on the side" he revealed.

Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean star says he and Katy Perry can’t wait to have a little treasure of their own.