Friday, January 17, 2020

Peter and Paul Okoye's sister breakdown to share what made her marriage to Actor Emma Emordi end

Peter and Paul Okoye's sister, Mary Joy Okoye has explained what led to her marriage crash. This is the first time Mary will publicly confirm the end of her marriage.

Reacting to a Facebook post which asked users "what their ex was good at". Mary confirmed the actor was a thief and stole all she ever worked for.

She wrote;  "Sleeping around and stealing, so hes good for nothing and usrless to his family and the world".

She was then questioned on why she will speak bad of her ex in public in that manner. But a very heartbreaking Mary gave an even more long explanation.

She said; "My dear, don't take it personal ok... It is I of experience. Wait until you get married to a man who will once you with STDs, steal all you ever worked for. You catch him in bed with another woman. And then he will tell you he gained nothing from the marriage even after giving him a son, then you will know where I'm comi g from. I pray you never meet such".



  1. Irresponsible men everywhere

  2. I stand against divorce

  3. Things are happening in some homes

  4. Marry who hod gives you and not xho society gives you; also be worthy to be given to someone