Saturday, January 11, 2020

Queen wants Royal rift repaired in 72 hours as Harry prepares to leave the country with no return date

The Queen has ordered that the row over the future roles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be resolved within the next 72 hours amid speculation that Prince Harry could leave Britain as early as next week.

The 93-year-old monarch, who was pictured on Friday for the first time since the couple declared their intention to split from the Royal family, told courtiers to solve the dispute by Tuesday evening, ahead of the Duke’s first public appearance since his announcement later next week.

Her Majesty has insisted the crisis lasts no longer than the six days that elapsed between the Duke of York’s Newsnight interview and his stepping back from royal duties.

The Queen also told courtiers to “turn a crisis into an opportunity” by producing a blueprint not only for her grandson and his wife, but future royal generations, including Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

But with the Duchess already back in Canada, a source close to the Duke questioned whether the deadline could be met and suggested they would resist any attempt to reach a hasty agreement on their future roles.

Insisting the Sussexes “were not going to quickly sign off their future and their lives”, the royal insider cast doubt over whether a solution could be found in the “next few days”.

The Duke, 35, has still not held meetings with his grandmother, father or brother, although it is understood further telephone conversations between them will take place over the weekend as their staff continued to work on a compromise.

The Queen is currently in Norfolk, the Prince of Wales is in Scotland, the Duke of Cambridge is in London and the Duke of Sussex is in Windsor, separated from his wife and seven-month-old son, Archie, who are believed to be staying on Vancouver Island.

It is not known when the Duchess will return to the UK. Prince Harry is expected to honour an official engagement at Buckingham Palace next Thursday and could leave soon afterwards, although an aide stressed he would not fly to Canada until “a satisfactory deal was done”.

Culled from The Telegraph


  1. Hoping they will sort their ish

  2. Poor old woman

  3. What Harry and Meghan Markle did is not fair on her

  4. This will be very hard for the Queen

  5. This will be very hard for the Queen

  6. uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.