Friday, January 3, 2020

Six tigers left to die in own excrement after owner moved abroad without them

Six tigers have been rescued from horrible conditions after being left to starve to death by their owner.

Animal rights activists in Ukraine were tipped off about the tigers on December 30 and discovered the beasts kept in a makeshift cage on Vodnikov Island in Kiev.

Evgheniya Prokopenko, one of the activists who joined the operation, shared video and pictures of the rescue operation.

According to local media, the tigers were locked in a private club that had apparently fallen into disuse.

It's understood that the owner, who has not been named, is a well-known Ukrainian but has moved abroad.

Evgheniya explained: "Almost half of the staff of the Holosiivskyi police department visited the site of the 'Tiger Club' together with rescue workers where we found six tigers in terrible conditions.

"We got a call saying they are being kept in a tiny aviary and that they are keeping people awake by roaring day and night.

"The aviaries where they are being housed were made of improvised materials.

"The conditions were shocking, three tigers lived in an 86-square-foot aviary in mud and their own waste, with no possibility to find a dry place."

According to the lawyer, the animals were so thirsty they were even drinking the liquid from the floor.