Thursday, January 23, 2020

Students flogged for telling school they are MARLIANS

A student has taken to social media to share photos of his injuries saying this is what he got for declaring himself as a marlian.

He says his school thinks MARLIAN is a cult and dealt with everyone who called themselves the name.

Tagging the singer on his IG post, he begged him to do a video to state marlian is not a cult and that he is a responsible human being. The post reads;

“What we get for calling ourselves marlians… school thinks marlian is a cult that do not wear belt and the girls do not wear bra and pants Monday Wednesday and Friday…. Please tag @nairamarley and @tundeednut so this statement can be debunked naira Marley has to make a video to tell the world that he is a disciplined person so all this can be reduced”.