Friday, January 17, 2020

The D feels better when it's coming from a hard working man.... Cardi B sings Offset's praises

Cardi B has never hid her love for Offset's D and now, she is making it known again.

The couple yesterday were seen heading to Cesar Restaurant in Paris, France.
After their dinner date, the two were seen heading out to a club. Cardi kept her face covered with a skull mask and wore a revealing sheer outfit, while Offset opted for a long coat and shades.

Earlier that day, they celebrated at the fashion show presentation of Offset‘s capsule collection collaboration with Laundered Works Corp.

Writing on Instagram to celebrate her man Cardi wrote;

“Congrats babe on your bomb-ass fashion clothing collab with @chazajordan.I am so proud of you! From filming on two shows, recording and working on so many other things. The dick feels better when is coming from a hard-working man. I love you.”