Tupac Shakur ‘spotted alive’ in Belize as new photos of a sighting emerge


A private investigator has claimed that the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is alive, living in Belize and claims to have unseen footage of the star.

Jimmy Poole, has been investigating the murder of Tupac, exploring the possibility that the rapper is still alive – after Las Vegas Police Department still have the file open, despite the fact he was shot and later died following an altercation on September 13th, 1996.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Jimmy has claimed that new information surrounding Tupac confirms that he is in fact, alive and living in Central America.

He also went on to share a new photograph of the rapper to his YouTube subscribers and is adamant that it is the real deal.

The new photograph allegedly shows the Wanted Dead Or Alive star, who is allegedly in his 40’s, posing alongside somebody in a restaurant.

However, dedicated fans of Tupac don’t seem convinced that the photo is authentic, claiming that it “looks photoshopped” as the head doesn’t “match the neck”.

He’s also released an audio clip in which viewers can apparently hear Tupac speaking.

Poole claims that Tupac says: “God’s great and let me come back in my 40’s or whatever.

“Damn man… I’m fine, I ain’t got no problems with anybody, I wish peace.

“And happiness, there was nowhere else to go, nobody else wanted to take me.”

‘Tupac’ added: “But all I kept in my mind is one day, I’ll be back!”

The private investigator believes that the audio is real and is currently working on finding out the origin of the photo, which allegedly demonstrates Tupac’s intentions to let his fans know he is planning a return.

However, filmmaker Mike Dorsey who has worked on shows such as Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac has urged Las Vegas police department to “lay the ghost of Tupac” to rest, in a bid to end the 23-year speculation surrounding him being alive.

The producer said: “Tupac is dead. Let’s get that straight. All the conspiracy theories are wrong and this ongoing conjecture can simply be ended by the Metro Police finally acknowledging all the evidence that is there.

“Contrary to popular belief, we know exactly who killed Tupac and so does the Metro Police.”

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