Saturday, January 4, 2020

Video: Terrifying moment six-storey tower block collapses 40 mins just after residents were evacuated from building

This is the moment a six-storey apartment block crumbled to the ground sending residents fleeing in terror.

The Al-Ramzan Tower in Karachi, Pakistan, collapsed on Monday 40 minutes after residents were evacuated.

Footage shows people staring up at the building and yelling, seconds before it collapses to the ground.

Suddenly the apartment block folds in on itself causing plumes of smoke to billow out between the narrow streets.

The clouds of dust make their way through the houses as onlookers rush from the dust that has flooded the area.

Police said all residents were evacuated from the block and officers cordoned off the building following reports that it had tilted after cracks were spotted in the walls.

Rescue teams were called to the site to clear the heavy rubble away.

The building housed 21 apartments and two shops.

According to local reports it was constructed in violation of the Sindh Building Control Authority rules and was deemed illegal in 1991.

Plans had been approved in 1987 for a one-storey block, however five more floors were added illegally, according to Samaa.