Thursday, January 2, 2020

''We only fly business or first class'' - Sophia Momodu replies Davido

Lol, indeed it's Imade that brings Davido and Sophia Momodu together o. Cus the way they openly shade each other, damnnnn... lol.

So today Davido debunk the news that he purposely took Sophia to Ghana with their daughter Imade, stating he only gave her a lift to Ghana because of their daughter. Anyway, while debunking a reunion, Davido mentioned Sophia would have flies economy.

Not feeling comfortable with the economy part, Sophia swiftly responded to him, saying she only flies first class or business class. Sharing photos with Imade, she wrote;

''Entering 2020 jst how I like it.. with my best girl & on the move 🛫 #2020WeMoveNoMatterWhat #BreakingLimits #WeFlyFirstOrBuisnessClass 🥰😄''