Sunday, February 16, 2020

17-year old boy charged in Lagos for having marathon s.e.x with his 15-year old lover

A 17-year old boy has been arrested for abduction and allegedly sleeping with his 15-year old lover.

P.M.Express reports that the incident happened at Obagunwa Lane, Onilekere Cement area of Lagos, where they reside.

The boy is now facing the charge which attracts several years of imprisonment if he is tried and found guilty of the alleged offence before the Court. He was remanded in juvenile detention following his arraignment before the Ogba Magistrates Court in Lagos.

The Police alleged that the boy lured the girl from her parent’s house and took her to where they engaged in marathon s.e.x.

Since they were not within their area for the romp, the parents of the girl began to look for her before she later returned.

The parents then asked her where she went and she confessed that she went somewhere with her lover where they engaged in s.e.x. They became angry and claimed that the boy had defiled their daughter as she was no longer virgin.

Thereafter they went to the Police and reportedly that the boy abducted their daughter and defiled her.

The boy was arrested and later charged before the Court for the alleged offence.

The Court did not take his plea following a motion by the prosecutor, Supol Benson Emerhi, asking the Court to refer the matter to the DPP for advice.

Hence the Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. O. Sule-Amzat, directed that the defendant to be remanded in juvenile centre and ordered the prosecutor to duplicate the file and send to the DPP for advice.

The matter was adjourned till 16th April, 2020. The names of the victim and defendant were withheld in line with the policy of the organization because they were still minors.


  1. They both need to be cautioned. He didn't rape her and he is under-aged as well

  2. The boy's parents should counter sue the girl's parents also. He didn't rape or abduct her, after all she enjoyed it also. She got what she wanted so they both enjoyed it. The judgement should be -Take ur loose daughter and punish her, take ur corrupt and loose son, caution and punish him also. Case close.