Thursday, February 20, 2020

5 sisters beat brother to death for demanding share of dowry

Police in Gatundu North, Kiambu County,Kenya are holding five siblings, on allegations of ganging up and beating their elder brother to death on Sunday after he allegedly demanded a share of the dowry paid for their eldest sister.

Police say Paul Njeri, 51, was fatally hit by his sisters during a goat-eating ceremony that preceded the dowry-payment event. The incident happened at Mwimuto Village, where the siblings’ mother, Hodilia Wanjiru, stays.

It is alleged that Mary Muthoni, Elizabeth Wairimu, Catherine Wanja, Alibeta Njambi, and Susan Wambui used firewood and logs to hit their brother, Paul, after he allegedly insisted that he wanted a share of the dowry that was to paid for their eldest sister, who was not among the five.

Gatundu North Sub-County police boss, Steve Kirui, told K24 Digital that after being beaten up, Paul went to his house, which is located in his mother’s compound, and locked himself up.

On Monday, the sisters went to wake their brother up after he “overslept”, but were shocked to discover that he had succumbed to his injuries, said Kirui.

“The goat-eating ceremony was to the mark the start of the dowry-payment process. The suspects are said to have ganged up against the deceased after he demanded he be given a share of the dowry that was to be paid for one of the sisters,” the Gatundu North police boss added.

The five sisters were arrested Monday and arraigned at the Gatundu Law Courts, where detectives successfully requested to be allowed several days to hold the suspects in custody as investigations into Paul’s death continue.


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