Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Blessing Okoro claims she made N30m after claiming Onye Eze's house as hers

Blessing Okoro popularly known as Blessing Ceo has claimed she made N30m after she lied that the home of businessman, Onye Eze belonged to her. She said the lie made her global and uplifted her financial status.

Talking about trolls who have been trying to shame her since 2019, Blessing took to Instagram asking them to get better as they were getting boring with the same words. She wrote;

''It’s so painful that our Nigerian trolls are not creative , they will just be repeating insults up and dan.....
See my dear trolls , what u tell people over and over agin becomes a joke, if you want ur words to hurt people be creative with new insults , you all are so daft and it hurts me ..,,
Blessing lie

Blessing lie. Blessing lie
2019 lie oooooooo.
Ordinary lie oooooo
If she come 4ck nko una go kee una self . Tell us something new na that will excite the public ...
Be creative trolls
Get to work fast .
Start digging .
She is a viral content
Love u all''

A follower however replied her saying she is the cause of her calamity and anything thing she says will be seen as fake and audio. But a angry Blesisng lashed out at him, syaing she has made the sum of N30m in the last one year.

The follower wrote; "That "Ordinary lie u called it has killed ur brand as a person, so no matter how u see it or how u reason it my dear it wont change the fact. anything u post or show off now will be tag as fake and lie simply because u have planted that in ppl...everything abt u na audio.fake life, fake car,fake hand bags and dresses, even the car u are in we believe is fake."

Blessing responded saying;

 ''After the lie I got verified, I had a visible office, with 7 staffs, after the lie I met personalities, became global, made up to 30 million naira. Be patient I invested the money the income is coming , I will do giveaways hope u benefits .

My post is not for u to believe but for u to see it . Believe in urself first leave blessing Ceo she is doing ok.''


  1. And why exactly are you telling the whole world you made #30 million? These fools never learn.

  2. She needs deliverance from lies