Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Dayo Amusa claps back at her followers after she warned people to stop sending her love related DMs

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa has once again called out her followers who send her DMs on instagram. Recall she had earlier sent out such warning,... well she is doing it again since peopel won;t stop.

But then, some of her followers won;t still have it. Some slammed her saying she is too old to be arrogant and selective and she should be grateful men are reaching out to her, but she wasted no time to hit back at them.

Her post that started it all; ''I know my page may seem random at times, but listen.... It is NOT OK to randomly DM anyone you do not know or who do not know you with a “Hey gorgeous” “Hi beautiful” “Can I know you better” 🙄 etc. You get the idea? This is not a dating App! So stop that shit!
Any women who post a picture of herself is not giving you permission to bomb her DM/inbox unless stated in her profile description or caption. DO NOT SLIDE INTO MY DM EXCEPT YOU ARE STATING WHAT YOU CAN OFFER STRAIGHT UP! Mio raye ejo oshii, Mio raye omo ku iya sonu, Mio raye ife gbigbona/Ife Ojiji 🙄 If you are not talking money, business, possible connections Abeg🙏 No DM me.
I am done now. 🌞''