Thursday, February 6, 2020

Kenyan rapper Razz Msupa dies after a short illness

 Upcoming female Kenyan rapper Razz Msupa is dead. The rapper passed on after what is termed as a short illness.

Confirming the shocking news, Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka took to social media to express his shock considering he had seen her the previous night and even prayed for her.

"I am now ready for 2021 too much going on this year, just saw you jana night and prayed, it’s sad that you are gone. Razzmsupa Tuko Ligi Soo! Safiri Salama," he wrote.

His wife, Nana Owiti, also expressed how broken she was after learning that the female rapper was no more.

“We don’t know what to tell Makayla. Why did you give up that fast? Why Razz? @thekingkaka and @darkskinmagero and I came to see you last night. You lay on that bed peacefully as you tried to fight. Didn’t know it is the last time we will see you breathing. We are beyond sad.”

PR practitioner Magero, who accompanied King Kaka and Nana during the last trip to see Razz, also mourned her saying:

“Last night at a time like this @nanaowiti, @thekingkaka and I came to see you in hospital, we saw you struggle to breathe despite you being on on the oxygen mask, this broke our hearts and as we left the hospital @thekingkaka told us "itabidi tukuwe wastrong" little did we know that, that would be the last time we'd see you alive on earth. RIP Dayo,” she wrote on Instagram

She is known for songs such as ‘Spit Barz’ and was among the female rappers to watch out for in 2020.