Friday, February 21, 2020

Sugar baby in love with sugar daddy 39 years older but insists it's not about the money

Sugar baby Sabrina can't wait to walk down the aisle with her sugar daddy, Grant. The pair, who have a 39 year age gap, met on a website that puts women in touch with sugar daddies.

But they say what started as a purely financial situation has now developed into true love - even though Grant is three years older than 21-year-old Sabrina's dad.

Sabrina, who is studying psychology and art therapy, loves to wear candy pink wigs and dresses in doll-like outfits.

Meanwhile, Grant, 60, is semi-retired.

Sabrina  said: "I met Grant on the sugar daddy, sugar baby website initially for financial reasons. I thought I would just find a sugar daddy but now it’s for love, it’s not for money.

“When society sees us walking they think, ‘Oh I wonder how much money he gives her, she’s only in it for the money’.”

Grant added: “I was surprised to find true love online. I really didn’t expect it at all.

He said: “In terms of being called a sugar daddy, I am a little bit anti being called that because of the men who have taken it in the wrong direction.

"Where it's just strictly money transfers for brief interludes of companionship, so that's really not my goal or direction, so I'm really not truly a sugar daddy.”

Grant had dated other women he met on the site but admits he had mixed success.

He says he would often “mostly just pay for dates” as well as trialling monthly allowance arrangements but the women “would disappear and reappear maybe the last day of the month".

But both Sabrina and Grant say that when they met, they clicked instantly.

Sabrina explained: “It’s like any other relationship like anyone else my age or older, I’m really happy. We clicked right away.

“We just got to know each other and the more we got to know each other the more that I just liked him as a person, it wasn’t superficial.”

Grant added: “We kind of put money aside, we didn’t even care about money.”

Sabrina says her relationship with Grant is completely different to sugar daddies she has met in the past.

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