Friday, February 7, 2020

Mel B's ex Stephen Belafonte seeking full custody of their daughter in brutal legal war

Mel B's ex-husband Stephen Belafonte is now seeking full custody of their daughter Madison as their brutal legal battle turns uglier.

The 'Scary Spice' and Stephen currently have joint custody of the eight-year-old.

However in court documents filed this week, Stephen has asked for full legal and physical custody of the child.

And reports by TMZ allege that Stephen claims Mel has "all but abandoned" her youngest child since moving to the UK after the couple split.

Stephen, 44, claims he's been the sole caregiver of Madison for the vast majority of 2018 and much of last year.

The producer says he is still willing to let Mel see her daughter, however he wants the court to rule that visitation can only happen in Los Angeles and under supervision.

Mel is also a mum to Phoenix, 20, whom she had with Jimmy Gulzar, and 12-year-old Angel whom she had with Eddie Murphy.

The latest turn of events in the former couple's custody battle comes after Mel was banned from taking Madison home to the UK for Christmas.

The Spice Girl lost a court dispute and was ordered to leave the eight-year-old with her dad in LA rather than take her to Leeds to join her sisters and grandma and aunt for the festive period.

Claims emerged in the LA downtown court that Madison was “traumatised” in her mother's company and with the travelling.

A psychiatrist report was produced, citing that Madison should not jet to the UK after past issues - all of which Mel denies.

Mel was “disappointed” her lawyer said, but a business associate added: “Mel is livid and sick and tired of her ex wrecking her life.”

Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas refused to allow Mel to take her daughter back after allegations emerged she suffered the last time she was in the UK.