Sunday, February 9, 2020

Mom of three is strangled to death by estranged husband

A twitter user,  @TheFavouredWoman has narrated how a mom of three lost her life after her estranged abusive husband strangled her to death.

According to the twitter user, the woman in question had left her husband three months ago due to excessive beatings, but he located where she moved to and strangled her to death.

She tweeted: "A mother of 3 was beaten to death in my neighborhood by her husband. Crazy thing is, she had left him 3 months ago because of the beatings. He then found where she was to go and beat her there. He strangled her. He's been arrested."

"Crazy thing is how people in the area talked about it. So casually. The women shook their heads sadly and everyone went about their business. The men said na wa o & left the conversation. My cleaning lady said she can't leave her husband because the next one might be worse."

"I kept thinking about the young children. Family came and took them and I kept wondering where they were when all that was happening."