Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Paramedic reveals how he started the business of fulfilling dying people's last wish (photos)

A former paramedic has revealed how he has fulfilled the dying wishes of more than 14,000 terminally ill patients, including taking a couple to see snow for one last time.

Kees Veldboer, 60, bought a fleet of ambulances and uses them to take people to complete their final wishes. He came up with the idea when transferring a patient between hospitals and there was a delay, so Kees asked him where he wanted to go.

The man said Rotterdam Harbour. Not only did Kees take him there, he arranged for him to go sailing – on his stretcher one more time. A year later he started Sticthing Ambulance Wens – Ambulance Wish Foundation with wife Ineke, 61.

He has visited art exhibitions, football matches and the Swiss mountains to fulfill people’s last requests.

He said: ‘It’s so nice to see them happy- for us it’s something easy to do but for them it’s something so special. We have driven people for miles, even to other countries, and taken them to some really amazing places.

‘But for me, the most beautiful thing I think we have done for a woman who was in a hospital for months and after being given a terminal diagnosis, she was taken into a hospice.

‘All she wanted was to see her home for one last time- we took her there and she was just standing there for an hour, looking around. Two days later, she died- it was such a beautiful wish, so simple yet so meaningful for her.’

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