Saturday, February 15, 2020

Fans lay curses on Mercy Aigbe as she advises side chics to collect houses, cars from married men

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, recently launched her YouTube channel Mercy AigbeTV and a visual, she shared on Valentine’s day is making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the mom of two urged married women to spice up their love life and not allow their men to have a side-chick. She didn’t stop there but further advised ladies dating married men to secure the bag by making sure the man gets them a house, car and plenty of money instead of doing love and collecting chocolates and flowers as the man is already taken and doesn’t belong to them.

The video has since caused an uproar on Twitter with some followers laying curses on the single mom, whose marriage to estranged husband Lanre Gentry crashed due to domestic violence.

See the reactions....


  1. O sad gan. Nollywood celebs=Olosho united. -Newyorker (Ladun I am back o)

  2. Most people didn't watch the full video she advised ladies not to date married men and if they have to, they should cash in on it. That is not bad if you ask me

  3. Ohhh hypocrites!

    Muslims are allowed to marry four wives.

    Before the 2nd to 4th became wives what were they? Side chics!!!

    She's being realistic.

    It is in existence

    Some married women even advised their husbands to keep side chics if his sexual demand is much

    Sade Okoya was a side chick to Okoya

    Seems u ppl don't know marriage go on vacation atimes. Some marriages go on sabbatical.
    Some married couples do threesome. It's just what they want. And who do they do it with if not side chics. Come of it civilisation is changing so many things.

    Pastors have side chics

    Imams have side chics

    Reverend father's have side chics

    Reason Fela sang "Archbishop na miliki,Pope na enjoy,imam na gbaladun ehn...

    Even bus conductors have side chics

    Sure some of those ppl commenting are side chics or would be side chics at a particular point in time

    Or ohhhhh it's housewives that are commenting


    Ogun kill anyone who abuses or curses me

  4. How did you think she got her house. Ambodo

  5. Sade okoya side chic ke? I thought he saw her and told her he would marry her and he did